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Welcome to GreatGlebe

Finally, an online community rescource for Shoppers and the Houses & Merchants that take care of them.

As a long-time Glebe resident who has travelled for years and then come home again, I’ve developed an extra-ordinary love for all things Glebe over the years…including the world-class Great Glebe Garage Sale.  Year after year, the growing attendance at this iconic event never ceases to amaze, and the sheer scope of the event represents the best that the Glebe has to offer. The event is a constant in an ever-changing world…which presents a problem with respect to todays technology. That hasn’t changed over the years at all.

Here at Digitera, we’ve now fixed that problem with a best-in-class community resource website that is all about the big day. Now, for the first time ever, shoppers can inspect listings from both House Vendors and Bank Street Merchnats IN ADVANCE, and line up their shopping trip tasks in a productive manner. Vendor Houses and Merchants can guage interest in their wares in advance, and maximize their revenues accordingly. Last but not least, the community now has an up-to-date resource that they can rely on that is easy-to-use and easy-to-find.

Enjoy the website, we’re here for the long run!