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Reach Over 10,000+ GLEBE Shoppers
It’s not often that over 10,000 shoppers decend on a single neighbourhood on a single day, but that’s what happens on the 4th Saturday in May every year. They are there for what you have, to seek deals on whatever you’re clearing out. As the saying goes, one persons garbage is another persons treasure…which is why ovr 10,000+ shoppers decend on the Glebe on the same day once per year.
Now, in a brand new digital offering for the Great Glebe Garage Sale, houses can list themselves and the goods they have for sale in what is now the pre-eminent websote for all things garage sale. Click the button below, and start the process of getting listed on this site. Get more money for your goods by exposing them to over 10,000 shoppers, pre-event, during the event and post-event.