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About the event

The Great Glebe Garage Sale is the worlds largest garage-sale event, with houses holding their garage sales in conjuction with each other all on the same day every year.

By tradition, the Great Glebe Garage Sale takes place every year on the 4th Saturday in May.

NO…the Great Glebe Garge Sale takes place on it’s scheduled date, rain or shine. Vendors are encouraged to use tarps of garages if feasible.

The “Glebe” is an iconic neighbourhood located in Ottawa, bound as follows.

  • Bronson Avenue in the west
  • The Queensway (417) in the north
  • The Canal in the east and south

Make sure you don’t get confused with the Australian Glebe.

The Great Glebe Garage Sale is an annual event, having taken place every year since 1986 (with the exception of 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19).

Residents of the Glebe do NOT need to actually officially register in order to sell items. If you live in the Glebe, just set up on your front lawn and sell whatever you like. For Bank Street Merchants, setting up your wares in a sidewalk-sale format is also allowed without registration, but we recommend that these merchants double-check with the City of Ottawa as to the latest bylaws on the subject.

For residents, stick to your own property. Technically, setting up your sales table on someone else’s front lawn is actually a crime of Trespassing. Indeed, we’ve actually seen conflict situations in the past in this area. Also, avoid setting up a table in front of an apartment building or in local parks…that will get you a bylaw ticket from city officials.

For Bank St Merchants, keep your sales effort to a sidewalk-sale format, and limit your outdoor tables to just outside your store. Setting up tables anywhere else requires the usual license from City Of Ottawa.

About this site

This site is operated independently by Jordan St Jacques of Digitera, an alumni of Glebe C.I. and a long-time resident of the Glebe.

Our purpose behind this site is to provide a modern up-to-date and easy-to-use resource for the community in order to make their shopping exprience that much better. As no one body technically “owns” the Great Glebe Garage Sale, an authority-type website has not existed until now. We at Digitera aim to change that oversight, and give the community a place to visit online to stay informed. Further, our features for Houses and Bank St Merchants to list their offerings in advance and let shoppers preview what’s coming will allow shoppers to optimize their experience as well.

Digitera, isĀ  a local digital agency founded and owned by Jordan St Jacques, an alumni of Glebe C.I. and a long-time resident of the Glebe. Specializing in Websites, SEO, Social Media and everything in between, Digitera solves digital problems for a wide variety of clients located in Canada and around the world.